Giving Back Program


St. John's Program for Real Change - Plates Cafe 2017 - 2018

we created the "Leafy Green's Giving Back Initiative" which every chef dinner put on monthly at Plates Cafe we will be donating a portion of our lettuce, herbs or micro green's for them to showcase. We want to give back to our local families in need and want to promote healthy eating in the community. By teaming up with our local partners “Plate, Cafe and Catering” we are contributing to support mothers working to recuperate and reengineer their lives. 100% of Plates proceed's goes to these mothers in need.

St. John's Program for Real Change - Plates Cafe


Healthy Planet USA 2017

2017, Aldon's Leafy Greens will be working with Healthy Planet USA

Our goal is a garden in every school in America.

Work begins with one school garden program at a time. School gardens give students hands on experience, connect them to what they eat, and nurture their creativity and entrepreneurship. And by establishing a garden in their school, we make it easy for students to improve the health and well-being of their peers and families, strengthen their communities and help heal the planet.

  • MP3 Elementry School - Natomas Unified School District
  • AM Winn Waldorf - Rancho Cordova Unified School District